Car Customizer

Car Customizer

Speaking of car customizer we should go back to brothers George and Sam born in Chicago in the 1920s. Their first car, which they got for the work in the restaurant of their family, was a Buick in quite a bad condition. So they restored it very quickly and afterwards started their experiments on its appearance. It is considered to be the first custom car of Barris Brothers. After selling it and getting a profit they bought another rebuildable car. Soon their work was in demand and they decided to form a club of customized car owners, which was called Kustom Car Club, in which the peculiar spelling "kustom" is associated with the name Barris. After a while their work was noticed in movie industry, and they got orders for personal cars of the stars and for the props of films. Along with Barris in the 1960s there were other well- known car customizers like Dean Jeffries and Gene Winfield.In this period Barris with his company was very actively involved in the customization of Rebuildable Cars for movies and television. Among his most popular works is the Batmobile, which was modified in three weeks and was a real hit.

For car customizer who have made up his minds to modify the vehicles, to change the external or internal appearance of it or make it faster, suitable for track racing of street use there are special sites, providing useful information and recommendations on how and where to do it, among which is Even if the modification of the rebuildable car means tuning of the engine and the information related to it is very technical, this site does its best to give it in simple and understandable English. The site gives step by step modification instuction for all the car models in plain language understandable even for the movice with an attached glossary of customized car terms.

As a slight car modification can be considered the use of Touch Up Paint For Cars, which is a very quick and quite efficient method of changing the external appearance of the car,though it is not a customization. Touch up paint for cars can be used on all the painted parts of the vehicle and even on bare metal.

To summon up we can say that car customizer aims to express his own personality through the vehicle, and for reaching this aim it is necessary to modify the whole car, not just its exterior, but also its interior, the engine, the suspension, exhaust and even the wheels.

The heart of the car is engine and by customizing it you put your plans into the first gear. It your aim is complete customization you need to redo the whole interior and exterior of the car in accordance with your personality. Using a larger exhaust will be a logical solution for taking away the spent gases from the engine. And for increasing the comfort level and improving the car handling, the suspension can also be customized. These are the basic steps to guide anyone wishing to customize his own vehicle in the right direction.